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When should you visit Surepoint?

Cardiac Discomfort
Head Trauma
Fever and Flu
OB-Gyn Emergencies
Digestive Emergencies

I will use them again

My three year old son fell on the playground and cut his head and we had to get staples. The whole staff from the receptionist to the doctor was great — they were great with my kid and put me at ease. No wait. I will definitely use them again in an emergency.

– Kilgore Resident

Thank you!

I came into your office Saturday night with abdominal pain, and was diagnosed with appendicitis. I just wanted to send a huge thank you to the staff that helped me that night. I was pretty scared and nervous, and the team was just some of the most friendly and caring folks that I could have hoped for. My sincerest gratitude and many thanks to the surepoint team for everything. Y’all are some wonderful people and I just wanted to let you know.

__ Jeffrey K.