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Surepoint Emergency Center Denton
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Denton, TX 76205

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Modern Emergency Medical Services in Denton, TX

Let’s face it, there’s a time when every family needs an efficient, effective emergency medical services provider. Fortunately, in Denton, there’s Surepoint Emergency Center. We are revolutionizing what it means to be an ER center, with a team of expertly trained doctors, medical professionals, and administrative staff. From a full cardiac services department to radiology and laboratory services, Surepoint Emergency Center is a trusted resource when you’re looking for a dependable medical service provider in the Denton area. In addition to our ER services, we can also provide a dedicated ambulance line to all of our patients. We utilize the best equipment in the business to ensure we are a premier medical resource in the region, delivering top grade medical results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General medical services

Surepoint Emergency Center Denton has a suite of general medical services available for you, no matter the medical condition you’re experiencing. Whether you’re having sinusitis, stomach pain, chest pain, migraines, or any other illness, we provide comprehensive and effective care and solutions.

Radiology and laboratory services

Surepoint Emergency Center Denton also has a full radiology and laboratory suite available for blood testing. From basic metabolic panel testing to specialized testing for strep or mono, we offer a multitude of testing services.

Cardiac services

We offer our full scope of cardiac services at Surepoint Emergency Center Denton. When you or a family member or friend are experiencing any kind of chest condition, stroke, or heart attack, it is vital to get to our center right away.

Trauma and neurological services

From dislocations to seizures, our ER center in Denton has everything you need for trauma and neurology related injuries and medical conditions. Our services are designed to provide your family specialized medical care with ease.

The most effective team

Surepoint Emergency Center Denton easily provides life-saving medical service at affordable rates by using the best equipment in the business and staffing our location with top talent. Our number one priority is keeping you and your family healthy, and we proudly provide our emergency medical services to both adults and children.

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