Valentine’s Day 

With a worldwide pandemic raging, this Valentine’s Day calls for lovers to find new ways to celebrate. Dinner out and a movie just don’t sound like a good idea right now, and besides, wouldn’t it be fun to do something different?

Here are 14 ways to show your love:
  • Renew your vows. St. Valentine was beheaded on Feb. 14, 270, because he refused to stop marrying lovers despite a Roman decree. Celebrate the true meaning of the holiday by declaring your love again, in front of a pastor, or just to each other. Write your own vows and tell your sweetheart how much they mean to you.
  • Instead of going out to dinner, take a virtual cooking class together and make your own feast. Make it easy or go all out. A quick check online turned up vegan, steak, Italian, French, tapas, and Indian curry meals.
  • Give each other a massage. I’m not talking about rubbing his shoulders or her back, I mean a real massage with oils, candles, and a comfy pallet made out on the floor.
Surprise Each Other!
  • Take a drive. In the middle of the pandemic, when we were going absolutely insane, my husband came downstairs and told me to get ready, we were going for a drive. We drove an hour away, got kolaches at a wonderful store in West, Texas, and drove home. It was glorious, just to be together, see something different, and to do something totally unexpected.
  • Paint something. No, not the laundry room. Get canvases and get creative. Make something beautiful for the living room or the laundry room. Not confident in your abilities? Painting with a Twist has online classes that will walk you through it.
  • Stay in bed. Eat breakfast in bed, do a crossword puzzle together and watch a movie marathon, romantic comedies, murder mysteries, or that series you’ve both been wanting to see.
  • Turn on the radio and cut a rug. Whether it’s rock, bebop, or something sweet and slow, get your groove on in your own living room.
  • Take a bath together. Fill the tub with a bubble bath, light some candles, pour some wine or sparkling water, put on some soft music, and snuggle.
  • Play a game together. I’m not talking about Risk unless you want to start a war or you and your significant other love a good battle. There are games just for lovers, like The Ultimate Game for Lovers, Intimacy, or the We’re Not Really Strangers Game. Or drag out a board game like Life or play some strip poker.
  • Write each other a love letter. When was the last time you wrote your sweetheart a letter to tell them how much they mean to you? Of course, they know, but having it written down in a letter means a lot and can be something that they can keep forever.
Do something outdoors!
  • Go for a hike. Take a stroll on a paved path through a local park or exert some energy at a nearby state park. You’ll enjoy being together and being outside.
  • Stretch it out. Put in a yoga video and work it out together. Your muscles and joints will feel better and you can encourage each other.
  • Camp out in the living room. Put up a pop-up tent (if you have it), build ablaze in the fireplace, roll out the sleeping bags, get out the flashlights and cook your dinner over the fire. Turn off the phones, electronics, and lights. Enjoy a mini getaway.

    Amanda Rogers is a freelance writer based in Fort Worth, Texas

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