The first spring after we moved to Texas, I wound up on the floor, convinced that I was dying.

My head hurt, I couldn’t breathe, and standing up made me feel worse. Lying down wasn’t much better, but I found it easier to moan from the floor.

My husband came by and stared at me. “You have allergies,” he explained.

“I do not have allergies,” I groaned. “I’ve never had allergies. I’m not allergic to anything.”

He dropped an allergy medicine in my mouth and within a half-hour, I could stand up without my eyes hurt.

I have allergies.

I’ve never had allergy testing, but every spring when the pollen turns my blue car into a green car, I reach for the floor and my husband reaches for the allergy meds.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging around, how can you tell the difference between seasonal allergies, coronavirus, the flu, and a cold?

Symptoms and testing

First, check your symptoms – and some can overlap.

Fever, cough, shortness of breath, and muscle aches are common symptoms of COVID, but not allergies. Fever and cough are also common with the flu.

A sore throat, diarrhea, congestion, loss of smell, runny nose, chills, and headache can be symptoms of COVID.

Congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing are the prime symptoms of allergies.

With the flu, likely symptoms are fever, cough, and muscle aches. And with a cold, you’ll likely have a cough, sore throat, and congestion.

If your husband pops an allergy medicine in your mouth and you still don’t feel better, you should probably see a doctor.

And, of course, the easiest and best way to find out if you have COVID is to get a test.

Heads up, Texans, here comes the pollen!

By Amanda Rogers for Surepoint Medical Centers

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

Amanda Rogers is a freelance writer based in Fort Worth, Texas

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