The Suspense 

I am not a morning person. But as a kid, there were two things that were sure to get me out of bed before dawn. Christmas morning and a potential snow day.

Back then, we found out school was canceled by watching the crawl across the bottom of the local television station. I remember sitting in the dark, staring at the television, praying as the schools were listed in alphabetical order. While I watched with bated breath for my hometown, McGehee.

We wouldn’t move until the list had run through the M’s, and heaven help you if there was a commercial and they started the list over again.

Snow days didn’t happen very often in south Arkansas, so they were to be savored and enjoyed.

Nowadays, I wonder if kids even get up. Parents are notified via mass messages to their cell phones and posts on school websites and social media. Where’s the fun in that?

And since the pandemic, with virtual schooling, will there even be snow days anymore? Especially now that the districts know they can send laptops home with students and schooling can continue no matter what the weather? That would be a serious bummer.

Sometimes you just need a snow day, and that goes for adults, too. The joy of an unexpected day off, called by Mother Nature, is almost indescribable.

After checking in with your supervisor to make sure you are really off.

Carpe Diem

The day is yours. And your biggest job is finding something for you and the kids to sled down the hill on, calling your mom for the recipe for snow ice cream, putting all the ingredients for chili in the crockpot, and remembering to turn it on. Or maybe you just curl up next to the fireplace and watch it snow. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Even retirees (and let’s face it, every day is a snow day when you’re retired) get excited when the white stuff starts to fall. Everything looks cleaner and prettier under a fresh coat of snow.

When I lived in Michigan, snow was beautiful until after the new year, then it was just a pain. It had to be shoveled, plowed, and waded through. Snow days were rare there, even with 12 or more inches on the ground.

For some people, like police, firefighters, and medical personnel, there’s no such thing as snow days, just a new thing to deal with at work. And we should appreciate them even more.

Of course, the fact that Texas gets a significant snowfall so rarely, only once every few years, makes it special, something to be savored and enjoyed – building snowmen, creating snow angels, snow forts, and snowball fights.

Here’s hoping that we all get at least one snow day and we are able to revel in the rare beauty and time off.

By Amanda Rogers for Surepoint Medical Centers

Amanda Rogers is a freelance writer based in Fort Worth, Texas

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