Best Wedding Gifts 

February means romance, which leads to marriage, which means you’re going to need to go shopping for wedding presents.

The best place to start is with the couple’s wedding registry, the list of what the happy couple really wants. Depending on the couple, though, that list can be overwhelmingly long or pretty skimpy.

You want to get them something good, and you probably have a price point in mind based on your budget, how well you know the couple, and how much you like them.

We scoured the wedding lists and asked recently wed couples for their tips on what newlyweds really need. Some are unexpected, while some are more generic, just in case you don’t know the bride and groom that well.
  • A good knife set. Most couples will register for this and you can be sure that they will need and use good knives for years.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer. While this is going to set you back about $400, the newlyweds will use this throughout their marriage. This is especially good for couples that really like to cook.
  • Matching bathrobes. Multiple websites recommend the plush terrycloth Parachute Home Classic Bathrobes for being warm and snuggly.
  • More than likely the happy couple is about to go on a honeymoon and they aren’t going to want to carry their clothes in a shopping bag. A nice set of luggage will last for years.
  • Real cooks will love a spice rack, everyone will love a spice rack with five years of free refills. If you buy a Kamenstein spice rack, all you pay for is shipping to get free refills for the first five years.
  • Personalized doormat. Welcome the Mr. and Mrs. home with their names on it.
  • A Texas-shaped waffle maker. Let’s be honest, Texans love our state and we love anything in the shape of our state. Any Texan, even if they live in another state, is going to love this.
  • White Company Turkish Towels. Everybody needs towels and everybody loves luxurious white towels.
  • A wine subscription. For people who like wine, this is the gift that keeps on giving and lets them try new and different varieties.
And here’s some that are a little out of the box:
  • Le Creuset Round Signature Cast Iron Casserole Dish. Chances are your grandmother and your mom had a cast-iron dish. And there’s a reason. They last forever and you can use them for almost every meal. Get a fancy cast-iron casserole dish or a hard-working cast-iron skillet.
  • An Air BnB gift card. They’re newlyweds and they are going to want to getaway.
  • Use it to make meals fast or like a slow-cooking crockpot. This appliance will help a busy couple get a meal on the table.
  • Air fryer. I don’t know anyone who has an air fryer that doesn’t love it. If it’s on the couple’s wedding registry, this is a sure bet.
  • Yeti cooler. Whether it’s small or large, soft-sided or hard-sided, these are likely going to be expensive. But they will last forever and everyone is eventually going to need one, whether they camp, cookout, go to their kids’ ballgames, or even when the power goes out.
  • A toolbox filled with basic household tools. This one is for couples just starting out who aren’t going to have a screwdriver, hammer, level, wrench, pliers, and a tape measure, which they are going to need.
  • Set of bowls. Hard to make anything in the kitchen without a set of mixing bowls. We have a set that we got for our wedding that we’ve been using for over 30 years.
  • Weber grill. If the soon-to-be marrieds have a house and don’t have a grill, a Weber kettle grill will lure them into the backyard. You can spend a ton of money, but a nice Weber charcoal grill will set you back about $165.
  • Gift cards. Every couple I’ve ever met has that one thing that they really wanted on the gift registry that they didn’t get. So you get them an Amazon, MasterCard or Visa gift card so they can fill in any gaps. A gift card to one of their favorite restaurants will always be appreciated, too.
  • Nobody ever turned down cold, hard cash.
By Amanda Rogers for Surepoint Medical Centers

Amanda Rogers is a freelance writer based in Fort Worth, Texas

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