Surepoint is a 24/7 emergency center
providing expert quality care to the community.

With a team of highly-trained, quality doctors, we’re taking modern emergency care in the right direction. Our team can provide expert, rapid and proper medical diagnosis for health issues such as minor injuries and fever to major cardiac issues and trauma situations. See Services for a complete list. Get the expert, convenient care you need, right in your neighborhood.

The Surepoint Vision

Surepoint envisions a healthier and safer community by providing top-notch medical services to all community members with minimal wait time. For adult and pediatric emergencies, we have the best facilities and equipment to provide the care you need.

Why Choose Surepoint?

At Surepoint, we’ll give you the best diagnosis
and treatment possible with the help of:


ER Staff

Available at all times to give you proper attention


Emergency Protocols

To provide you rapid care in case of major injuries


Top Quality Patient Care

For all patients around the clock


Acute Rooms

One-on-one attention for proper, effective diagnosis


In-House Lab Testing

For immediate results to help treat your illness efficiently


Ambulance Services

To reach you in case you’re unable to reach us on time


Trauma Care

Immediate specialized care for when you need it the most


Quality Healthcare

We care for you like family

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